Our Tagline

Frequently I meet customers needing to remodel.  "Funny" you should say.  Well, that is what I do.  In over thirty years of remodeling there have not been two customers or two projects exactly the same.  In fact, there is absolutely nothing predictable about this business with only one exception: when certain prescribed methods & processes are placed in their proper order the end result is that "visions come true."

The possible project scenarios are innumerable.  We may be introduced to a remodel project as well-ordered and pre-engineered as a military parade.  Then there comes the project where the nucleus is hiding and all the electrons and protons are lost in space.  In the case of the former example all I have needed to do is to jump lock step into the lead and guide the project to completion without incident.  The latter example often requires efforts nothing short of unscrambling the disarray of seemingly lost elements needing meaning & placement in the big picture.


Experience has taught and tested the prescribed methods and processes; and over the years we have many successful projects & satisfied customers affirming such.  No matter where, when, or how we have been introduced to a remodel project, by implementing certain proven practices the project or vision is brought to fulfillment.  Some of these elements include the plan or design, the budget, the critical path, and of course the contract.  There is no smoke & mirrors or sorcery required, but rather an ordered, logical sequence & follow through and visions do come true.