How We Work

As the remodeling industry has evolved over the decades, so has the clientele.  As a professional remodeling company, we too have kept pace with the industry through continuing education on subjects from business administration to sustainable products & design with focus on best management practices, stewardship, and Built GreenTM standards and practices.


Our clients have become more discerning over the years.  With higher requirements for quality products with greater sustainability, the necessity of a high level of customer service has brought about a refining process. This refining process has raised the bar in this industry that JM Bogan Remodeling continually strives to achieve.

Our process of delivering the finished remodeling product to the owner/client has developed to meet the needs of our clients within this demanding, exciting, and fulfilling industry.

All of our work is performed in a complete "open book" transparent manner with emphasis on accountability. In this manner, the most discerning of clients will know that they have received the greatest possible value for their dollar spent.